Embracing Digital Transformation: The evolution of CRM

Embracing Digital Transformation: The evolution of CRM

As customer centricity takes centre stage, companies are constantly trying to realign their business and technology practices to enhance customer experience. Companies want to understand every aspect of a customer’s lifecycle and they are facilitating the same though revamping their CRM as part of their digital transformation strategy. Here is a look at how CRM is evolving beyond a customer and sales management tool.

CRM deeply embedded into User Experience and Marketing

There is no longer ‘one size fits all’ generalization when it comes to CRM. Customer journey varies not just from industry to industry but also company to company.  Rigid CRM’s are passé as companies are working towards customizing CRMs based on the touch points they need to address and collect valuable data. CRMs today are capable of  gathering real-time data on Customer behaviour and converting insights into intelligible information.

Closer and real-time integration with multiple Channels

Customer interactions are now an integral part running the business. Companies need CRM that seamlessly assimilate with different channels and function as a nerve centre to communicate, capture data and enhance customer journey. Real-time integration through content rich channel  has led to innovative marketing strategies and automation.

Smooth and intuitive functioning

To be able to tap the holistic customer experience, CRMs need to possess seamless integration and collaboration with relevant tools and an ability to build an intuitive experience for their customers.

Advanced play on data  

 While all have the capability of generating certain reports using data, companies are redesigning their CRM capabilities to be able to capture and play with more intricate data and streamline it into various business functions like more focused marketing campaigns, promotions, sales and product development.



A well-integrated CRM is not just an accessory to your sales team but a critical tool that enables customer engagement and drives sales.  Is your CRM up to mark?







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