vCFO –  Everything you need to know

vCFO – Everything you need to know

It’s said that time is money and who better than the consultants in the professional services industry to vouch for this. One of the biggest challenges for companies that bill by the hour is tracking actual hourly costs of individual employees and estimating project costs. The companies are currently relying on excel modeling to do the same, but these methods lack comprehensiveness and accuracy. Moreover, they are repetitive and time-consuming. We at Appistoki wanted to build an all in one platform to address just that. Introducing vCFO – an all in one solution for companies in the professional services sector to automate invoices, timesheets, cash flows and costs & revenue distributions, all in real time!

vCFO helps measure the cost of employee time by not just the salary expense but by taking into consideration the firm’s relevant overheads like rent, software, insurance, marketing etc. vCFO is also equipped to measure the cost independently based on departments, projects and individual employees. vCFO can calculate project estimates helping you make sounder proposals and quotes. You can also use the platform to compare estimated v/s actual costs.

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vCFO can generate cash flow, forecasts, alerts and escalations for management to take timely action. It also has a built-in automated timesheet & invoicing module. Its analytic capabilities will help you plan your finances and resources better. All of this information and more is given to you using a dynamic dashboard that can be customized based on your needs.

If you are a mid-sized professional services firm looking to streamline your resource allocation and bring acumen into your consultant billing cycles, vCFO is the product for you.

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